[Rift] Why is the resolution / cam so messed up

Hey guys,
i’ve got a small problem with my VR project.
Does someone know why it’s so broken?


Its working if i press F5 (what ever it does), but all the colors are getting screwed up

Looks like a debug representation to me (color codes for shader complexity?)
I’m afraid you need some more information from you. What engine version do you use, do you have the very latest Oculus Runtime ( installed? Did you use the VR preview button?

Oh i guess i know what the problem is.
I was using the SimpleHMD Plugin, because the Rift Plugin doesnt work on 4.8.2 for me.

4.7.6 is working perfect:

On 4.8.2 the “VR Preview” Button is grayed out and i can’t get it to work.
I’m using the 0.5 SDK because 0.6 doesn’t work on my system. (“Service is disconnected” - all the time.)

“If you are switching to 4.8 Preview 3+ you must install 0.6.x Oculus Runtime.”
Well, guess i have to port my project to 4.7 again until i get 0.6 fixed.

F5 turns on Shader Complexity mode and that is what you are seeing…

Oh okay, good to know :slight_smile: Thanks.
Started to remake my project in 4.7 and it’s working like a charm!