Rift and Second Monitor in Full-Screen for Presentations

I hope I am not repeating something already discussed, I tried searching on the forums and internet, maybe I don’t have the right terminology.

How would one go about getting a DK2 rift and a second screen showing in full screen mode(Not stereo) of the same view off of one machine? Basically I am trying to setup something you would see at trade-shows showcasing VR tech.

More specifics about my setup and app:
Windows 8.1
2 x 970 GTX (Not in Sli, just one for rift and one for monitor)
i7 4790 3.6GHZ CPU
16GB Ram
Rift DK2 and a 1080p 50" Monitor

My app is very basic configuration tool for looking at single models in stereo, but we need it to be able to see what the rift wearer sees, but not in the stereo side by side that the rift uses, in regular full-screen 1080 mode. So I am trying to utilize just one machine to do this to save on costs and just overall ease of not going through a network router setup.

My thoughts so far:

I setup a listen server and client on one machine open both and run them (Which is what I am in the process of testing). Have people already tried this, will the rift not start with the listen server running on another screen? If this does work, is there anyway in blueprints using console commands to automate this on start. I have found the console commands to launch the rift or to do full-screen. In addition I went through the network setup tutorials, so I get using blueprints to specify based on listen server or client, but can I specify the client to open on the rift and the listen server to open on the monitor in full-screen? Ideally it’s automatic so someone doesn’t have to do it manually every time.

Otherwise I think I need two computers. In which case, could the computer running the monitor be a much less robust pc to save on costs?

Hi coldpizzapunk,

I’ve done a few Oculus demos at work and I actually think it’s fine to show the stereo view. It actually looks kind of cool and if you have a big screen then the audience can clearly see the what the Oculus user is doing (I was using a projector for example).

Even a standard stereo view is annoying enough in Windows, though, since in Windows the Oculus has to be in extended desktop mode as opposed to mirrored displays. So for demos on Windows I actually use XSplit Broadcaster software which will at least let me show on my main screen what the Oculus app is doing. On the Mac it’s easier since the Oculus should use mirrored displays, so as soon as you start an Oculus app it will also be mirrored to the main display.

Thanks for the recommendation I will take a look at that as I look at all solutions!

Hi coldpizza

Could you find a reliable solution for your purpose ? I would like to know. Because i am looking for same solution for the same purpose.


I’m not sure why Epic doesn’t do what Unity did and have a ‘standard’ view of the game show instead of the stereo view

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