Riders of Asgard (WIP)

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Hi Everyone.

This is a game I’ve been working on in my spare time for the last few months. I initially made it just as something fun for myself but I would like to share it with you, and would love to get some feedback/criticism/ideas if you have any.
It is a Viking BMX game, and you ride on a 2D lane like the Trials games, except there are more than one lane that you can thansfer between, and you can also turn around and go back and forth in the level. Making it a Viking themed game, allowed me to try some other gameplay mechanics, like gliding with your shield and reaching places that you otherwise could not.
This also added a bit of a platformer feel to the game that I would like to explore more.

Windows version:

I would really love to get some feedback on the gameplay and everything else that you can think of.
I’ve got a few sounds in, and a piece of music. I lost a lot of my original music I made for this to a corrupted file and remade this little piece to give an idea of the feel, but it may get monotonous so you can turn music off and on with ‘M’.
And when you crash, enjoy the rider seeing his behind, and then press Backspace or the B button on a controller to reset.**

Download link:
7Zip file:**

Zip file:

Thanks a lot in advance for trying it out!

A few tips for anyone wanting to try is out:

  • The right trigger(Accelerate/dive) should be released just before you leave the ramp, as you will then do a Bunnyhop and gain more height.
    -Also press the right trigger again when you are at your highest point in the air, as this will make you dive down faster and gain speed.
    -The Right Stick is used to do tricks in the air, but when you are on the ground, you select the transfer direction.
    So when you are on the ground and push the stick down, the down arrow will appear at the bottom left, and you will transfer towards the camera the next time you leave the ground.
    -If you push the stick left or right while on the ground, your rider will transfer over the edge of a halfpipe or quarter pipe(if it is possible)
    -These transfer direction can also be set, in the same way, using the D-pad on your controller, or the numpad on the keyboard.

Development History:**
The Game started out as a simple rolling-ball skatepark game, as I was in the mood for a skating or bmx game, and the Tony Hawk games of late were pretty disappointing.
Splash.bmp (352 KB)

I really enjoyed getting all the physics and controls working, and making it feel good.

After getting the ball rolling(pun intended…), I wanted to make it feel more like a BMX game, so I needed a new model.
I put one together with simple shapes, and it immediately made the game feel much cooler.
You could spin around and flip forward and backward.

After playing around with this little blocky guy for a while, I wanted to learn how to import 3d models and use them in game.(Everything up to this point where just BSP shapes)
So I found a 3d model of a bmx and managed to get that into the game.
I also learned a little bit about blender and made a Halfpipe to ride in, and added some assets from the Free Infinity Blade collection released on Unreal MarketPlace, just to see how that would work.

I then wanted to add a rider on to the bmx to try and add tricks.
So I got a blue clay looking rig online and put it in there. I also learned how to animate it in Blender and import the animation into Unreal.
This added a whole lot to the feel of the game and it was fun jumping riding and jumping in the Halfpipe.
I then decided to try my hand at making my own little guy to ride the bmx.

After playing around a bit more and fine tuning controls and physics, I somehow decided to try and make
it a Viking Themed BMX game.
So I changed the character to a little Viking guy, and also made a Viking BMX for him to ride.

My wife got me a cool asset pack on the Marketplace for Christmas, that suited the style I am going for perfectly.
So I made a new level and started adding more gameplay elements and tricks and stuff.

Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:

Have an day!


That is really good …

Thank you very much!
Please give the demo a try when you have time and let me know what you think!
Have an day!


Looks cool - downloading now…
One very minor suggestion, use zip instead of .7z
Can’t seem to unpack :frowning:

Thank you very much!
Yeah 7zip makes it a bit smaller but I will upload a zip as well and post the link as soon as it’s up! :slight_smile:

You can download 7zip for free if you want to try it in the mean time.
Thanks again!


Really nice game, good work there :smiley:

Thank you very much! :smiley:
Have you had a chance to try it out?

Such a terrific project. really cool how it evolved into something so unique and fun! Keep up the hardwork! Will you be adding multiple maps? Or enemies? Fun stuff!

Thank you very much @DarkRider! I will be adding more maps for sure! :slight_smile: I was thinking of having like a local multiplayer mode as well where you can race, try and beat scores and ever have some sort of battle race against each other.
For the single player, I want to add challenges for each map, and stuff to collect like Stat points you can use to upgrade your Stats. This will then allow you to reach previous unreachable parts of a level and give the maps a cool exploration feel to them. The maps can have as many lanes as I want, and even have secrets places to go, so the possibilities are endless.

Thanks so much for the reply!
If you have any other thought please let me know!

I have added a zip archive as well for those who prefer it:


Have an day!


I have set up my IndieDB page.
I would love to get some feedback, as I am very new to indieDB and I am sure there are things I can do better. :smiley:

Thanks you all very much!


Downloading and will edit for feedback. :slight_smile:

thank you very much!
I am keen to hear what you think!


Holy moly that is really . Nice job on that game. You got sure some talent, heck im only starting right now with this engine. I cant even do anything right now. hehehe.

Hi @Schmidtm. Thank you very much!
Just keep at it, I found UE4 to be very intuitive as you get to know it, and before you know you will be an expert! Youtube is you friend with this! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Yup keep doing your stuff. Unreal has quite massive learning curve, but not because its hard (everything is easy) just because of quantity of stuff you need to learn.
So keep learning, one module after another. Someday you will feel like Neo you will see code behind unreal.

Oh and I wanted just say: this game looks great.

Such an inspirational piece, very well done mate!

I really love how the Art style worked out for you.

Keep at it!

Thank you so much for the kind words! :slight_smile:
yeah it is a pretty massive and very diverse engine!
I would recommend starting small.
Look at the example projects by epic. you can even follow along on their youtube channel where they go through exactly how it was created.
Good luck and thanks again!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! Yeah I am also really happy with how it is turning out!

Thanks again and have an day!


Dang, I played the demo for a solid 10 minutes, very addicting!!!

The biggest critique I have to suggest is that you have to make that reset instant. There seems to be a delay from pressing reset and actually resetting.

In games that require a perfect run like this, the time between messing up and starting over needs to be done in a single frame. Think about super meat boy or dust force.

That’s it, though!

Thank you very much for trying it out! The think the instant reset is a good idea! I am playing around with it it get it just right and it will be in the next update!

Thank you very much for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Have an day!