Ribbon Trails stopping at wrong time

So I’m making some sparks trails that actually arc and bounce along using parent particles and I’ve got a problem where once the main particle system is turned off, the ribbon trails will stop emitting even though their parent particles still exist. I’d like for the ribbon trails to continue through with the parent particles even after the main system has ended.

The little white circles are the parent particles, you can see how the ribbon trails are not attached to them anymore cause the main system was turned off. Is there any way to make the ribbon trails continue until the parent particles die? Or will I need to make the sparks a separate system entirely and control them on their own?

Hello Chaofanatic -

I attempted to setup a similar, though simpler setup, than the one you are describing and have not had any problems with my Ribbons disappearing as you are showing.

Take a look at my sample project below and let me know if there is something substainially differnet with your setup. My initial guess would be that the lifetime of the ribbon is too short or they are being marked as dead too early.

Let me know -

Thank You -

Eric Kethcum

Test Project 4.10.2

It’s giving me a 403 error for the file?

I re-uploaded it for you. Try to download it again.

Sorry about that -

Eric Ketchum