Ribbon Trails camera up orientation problems, offset source up orientation

I’ve been having some trouble with ribbon particles again. Using a camera up setting for a ribbon trail and then viewing it at any angle other than directly from the side will lead to weird distortions where the ribbon tapers off into nothing.

This looks really bad cause I can’t use the effect for anything that will be viewed at an extreme angle, such as a contrail on the wing of a jet or something.

Source Up render axis does not have this tapering problem.

But I am not after a source up look because that will orient the entire beam a specific way, while I need it to face the camera. Is there a way to get around this and make camera up render axis not have the tapering effect where it shrinks into nothing depending on the viewing angle?

If this is for some reason impossible, then another option of mine is to have two source up axis ribbons at once that would arrange in a + shape, but I don’t know if I can offset the angles within the particle system itself or if I will just have to spawn two emitters and manually offset them from within the blueprint.

I would appreciate some help with this if possible. If it’s not possible to fix the scaling of the camera axis ribbon or offset the angle of the source axis ribbon within cascade then I have a few other methods I could try for this.

This is funnily enough an issue that goes back into UE3 and still persists in UE5 Cascade today. Have you ever figured out a solution?