Ribbon particle not visible when coming from behind

In our setup we are moving along a road. Then we simulate traffic coming from behind overtaking you and traffic that is on the other lane traveling towards you. I visualize this traffic with a ribbon particle.
I have an actor with a particle component attached and i move the whole actor past me.
The problem is that the ribbon particle is not visible when it comes from behind.
here you can see the debug sphere that indicates the actor’s location. The ribbon is not visible.

The funny thing is that if i look behind me with the camera and then to the front again the particle suddenly appears.
As if it needed to be out of my view and then back in it again to become visible.
This is what it looks like when i have looked behind me and then to the front again.

The traffic that is on the other side of the road, which spawns ahead of me and comes towards me, acts fine.

My setup is very simple.
Just a ribbon particle with a lifetime of 2 seconds.

I also have these warnings in the output log:
LogParticles:Warning: RIBBON : FillReplayData failed.
LogParticles:Warning: IndexCount (360262) exceeds allowed value (65535).
LogParticles:Warning: ActiveParticleCount = 51.
LogParticles:Warning: TriangleCount = 360260.
LogParticles:Warning: TrailCount = 1.
LogParticles:Warning: /Game/Effect/vehicles/Taillights_P.Taillights_P

I haven’t found an answer on the forums about that warning.

Don’t know about the warnings, but…

I think you may solve your issue checking the setting that makes your material two sided. Hope it helped! :smiley:

same issue, have you fixed your particle? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Have you tried setting the particle material to 2 sided?

Hi @3dRaven

I just to try it… it does not work.

Any other idea?

Thank you!!

Are you assigning it to a niagara system with a ribbon renderer?
Is the particle’s Facing mode set to “Screen”?
Does your material have use with ribbon set to true?

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Yes, i have that options checked.
The problem is when the ribbon is coming from behind of other player.
The other player can not see it.
When the ribbon is in front the other player, then he can see it.

Could it be some optimization option?

Thank you!!

I think the problem could be the same she is saying.

Hi @3dRaven

The problem was resolved here:

Thank you so much for try to help me!! :heart: