Ribbon particle flies ahead of projectile

I have a projectile blueprint with collision, mesh and particle emitter and also ProjectileMovement component. The Initial and maximum speed is set to 4000. Maybe because of speed, I get this problem: my ribbon particle starts behind of projectile spawn Location, and ends way ahead of projectile current location:

The question is: how can I prevent this from happening and force emitter to spawn it properly?

Just open your trail particle system, click on the Ribbon Data box, and check the box labeled “Recalculate Trail Every Frame”

Thanks, checking “Tangent recalculation every frame” worked, but now particles start spawning not with actor spawn, but some time after. Is that because of ProjectileMovement component? (there I activate movement in first tick, with auto activate trail starts even further)
I guess I’ll be using beams instead


I’ve been having that problem too. I’ve tried for quite a while to get particles to spawn at the right time with fast moving projectiles.