Ribbon Particle - Cigarette Smoke "Jagged" edges issue

First and foremost this is my first time on the UE4 forums, so my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place: It did seem like I’ve picked the right topic of the ones available.
Anyway! I’m currently working on my final year project at University which is a character themed around Sons of Anarchy, which is mostly finished. I’ve opted to have him holding a cigarette between his lips but I can’t seem to get the ribbon particle effect to quite replicate real smoke even after searching around and reading up on the UE4 guide.

Here’s how it’s currently looking in the particle editor;

As you can see (circled in red to show exactly what I mean) there’s some really jagged edges in there that I have no idea how to fix. Being a novice and having never touched the particle editor before doesn’t really help, so I was wondering if anyone knew how to make aforementioned edges more rounded like the real thing? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Bump - Still looking for any help available!

Highly recommend taking a look at this!

Ribbons can be difficult to use, although it’d look nice if you nailed it, you might get better results quicker with flow maps.

Ribbons kinda need to raise tessellation and a great texture on it. So raise the ribbon tessellation should be an option in the module. But pretty much what Jamsh said should help you too.

This looks really cool! Only problem is I’ve never used Maya before :frowning: I don’t even have it downloaded infact since our University only teaches 3DS Max. Thank you anyway though, I do definitely need to learn Maya in the future!

This worked perfectly! Thank you very much!

Don’t worry the tutorial I linked walks you through every button, it’s really easy to use. Plus if you’re a student you can get the Student Edition for free for 3 years :slight_smile:

Can anyone elaborate on it? I generated flowmaps and I have a ribbon-based smoke. I have no idea how to plug them in. I added flowmap to texture’s uv’s but it doesn’t do anything, only made my smoke blink crazy. There is literally no mention on how to use flowmaps with cascades anywhere. That link above is dead.