Ribbon on Pawn doesn´t start


I try to add 2 Ribbons to my flying Actor (Pawn). I just used the Particle Effect from the Ribbon Youtube Tutorial and it almost works fine.
The only Problem is that it won´t “start” emitting the Ribbon until I rotate my Pawn. When I fly forward or back or left or right nothing is happening until I rotate for about 90 degrees.

Does anyone know what I can do to start it immediately with the first move of my pawn?





It looks like your ribbon is emitting in a world space instead of screen space, you might want to check your particle effect properties for axis orientation lock. Also a screenshot of your particle effect’s cascade would be usefull

where do i find this Setting to change between worldspace and screen space?

And I´ve updated my initial post with some screenshots. I can provide more if you tell me exactly what you need.