Ribbon data type don't follow source rotation in Local Space


I’ve been facing a quite annoying bug for some time.
Whenever I create a particle system with a Ribbon emitter that is sourced to a particle emitter in local space, the ribbon emitter will either not take into account the rotation of the particle system or behave weirdly depending on the modules I’ve applied to the source emitter.

It happens independently of the simplicity of the particle system. In this case I’ve disable most of the modules and as it can be seen in the screenshots bellow, rotating the emitter affects the source but not the trail.

        Before rotation. Source and trail moving in the same direction.

        After 180° rotation. Source and trail moving in opposite directions.

This happens whenever the source emitter is set to local space and but may behave differently, although not properly, by changing the modules of the source between local/world space when it’s possible.

Is this a known bug? Is there a way to solve this?


Hi johnyc90 -

This is an issue and has been reported as UE-22707. I have added your information to the issue and as we investigate it further I will keep you informed here.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey there,

Do you have any news or possible workarround for this issue? Some games in ue4 do seem to have this solved. e.g. Everspace.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


Hello -

We are still working on this issue, but the workaround would be to have the initial particle (the one in which the ribbon will follow) as a separate particle system and have the ribbon follow the actor in a blueprint. Timing an movement would have to be adjusted but the effect would be close to the same.

Eric Ketchum

Thank you for the workarround!

4.11 And this and other ribbon bugs are still here.

Any chance you’ll re-open this issue? Personally need it to align my ribbon particles to the ground surface normal.