Revoider - A cinematic adventure game with stop-motion like animation

Hey! Here’s a thing we’ve been working on!

A couple of us started working on a new game at the beginning of the year. We’ve been posting regular updates to our twitter but thought we’d start sharing it here as well

We’ve put together a couple of progress videos so I’ll let those speak for themselves. Check a look!

[Monthly Recap #02 - YouTube

](Monthly Recap #02 - YouTube)

it looks amazing!

looks great. These are always cool. Looks Inside inspired.

Wow it looks so good ! Glad I’ve found you on Twitter, I enjoy to wake up and watch your ideas on my feed. You are improving so fast !

Looks really great!

BTW, what do you mean by stop-motion animation?

Really like where this is going – the sort of “hand-animated” character, Vane-like environment modeling and materials, and little bits of polish are great.

And the dreamlike surreality really sells it… I almost feel like I’ve been there before :wink:

Keep it up!

@yateam The animation is stepped. It’s “on 2s” which basically means it holds a pose for 2 frames at a time whereas as traditional game animation will interpolate every frame. Similar techniques to what they did with spiderverse.

@acatalept Just checked out your sing me to sleep stuff. I see what you mean, definitely a couple similarities in the structures there :slight_smile:

Working on some fire last week

WOW!!! This looks awesome!!! the character reminds me of the one on inside!

Working on some portals this week

and another in a different environment

This is so cool! i cant wait to try it out!

Oh, hey I’ve been following you on twitter too. This is some cool stuff you’re making!

Please adopt me!