Revit 2022 Datasmith

Hey guys I’m looking to start learning to use Unreal Engine in my Revit projects but I’m running Revit 2022. Is there any timeline on the Datasmith 2022 release? Are there any workarounds for importing my models in the meantime?

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Hello Colin,
that will come out with 4.27. Most likely along the preview 1 that should come out this week.


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It’s not ideal, but in Revit you can export to DWG format, which you can import into Unreal using DataSmith.

It’s not ideal - the metadata doesn’t seem to come through - but it might get you started at least.

I’m also waiting on this plugin update to drop…

@anonymous_user_13d8a99e1 I’ve managed to build it from source, and have tested it works - but the installer is a bit messy because I have no idea how WiX works…

But anyway, I’ve shared the files here if you want it: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. (link valid until the end of the month)

For the MSI, it will error if you try and run it just by double clicking. Instead, open up command line and type

msiexec /i UnrealDatasmithRevitExporter.msi /qr

I’ve also just zipped up the results of the installer, which you should be able to save to


But I haven’t tested that method out (I have no reason to believe it will break).

Of course, use at your own risk, etc. al. - it’s just a straight build from the UE4 source, with a bunch of hacking to remove all versions except 2022.

Hello, first of all, thanks for putting the effort.
I’ve tried to run the .msi via cmd but got this error

Any ideas how to solve this? Ty!

Hi everyone !

Our preview 1 of the Datasmith for Revit exporter had some issues with 2021 dependencies when you tried to install it for 2022.

The preview 2 exporter should include the fix and allow you to correctly install for Revit 2022.

In the meantime, here’s a beta plugin with the fix included : Box

Cheers !

Thanks for this! It is still not successfully installing on my computer with Revit 2022. Is there an updated Datasmith for Revit Exporter available?

Thanks! Excited to get started with UE.

Hey MKC1,

We have found an issue with the installer where it will not see the Revit 2022 installation if this is the only version on the machine (users with 2022 and 2021/2020/2019/2018 will be able to install the plugin).

The dev team is looking into it !


Hi everyone !

A fix has been deployed to Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine and Twinmotion Plugins | We Support Files From All Major Modeling Solutions - Twinmotion for the Revit 2022 installation issue (check for v2 in the installer file name).

Do not hesitate to post a message here if the plugin worked (or did not !).
Thanks for your patience !