Lumen Scene - Nanite Geo is black

I am using 3dsmax and Datasmith.
Imported a Datasmith file, and enabled on all meshes Nanite.

When switching to Visualize Lumen Scene, the entire scene is black.

Does → Enable Nanite Mesh not work?
Or what am I missing here?

Thanks a lot, appreciate any ideas and thoughts.

Someone else better than me with Nanite import found using the latest version of source ue5-main or now called 5.0 on Github works.

The Datasmith files DO NOT WORK UE5 EA2 BINARY. It was August 2021 (at least 8 months ago🤣]

Here is what happened to DataSmith for Revit 2022.
The Revit problem was raised and fixed in
Can´t enable nanite for more than 12287 assets
They describe how it was fixed in
Revit 2022 Datasmith

The code has now been installed in the latest version all the Datasmith importers have been updated and fixed.

see source build tutorial
Visual Studio 2022 builds and latest version and runs UE 5.0

uuahh… thanks for the info.
Yep, that issue doesn’t seem to be fixed in the UE5 preview.

I used 3dsmax + Datasmith. You can convert all meshes to nanite, and you’ll see the nanite cluster.
However, Lumen can’t detect the geo. It’s broken.

Only workaround I know:
Don’t use Datasmith, and just expert .fbx meshes.
I tried that, and it worked.

But it’s for sure a real bummer.

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you should probe to disable two side material…(Yo estube haciendo pruebas y me encontre con que tenia que desabilitar el material por ambos lados… es)… espero te pueda servir…

nope. has nothing to do with two-sided material. It’s Datasmith, currently not working with Lumen.

We live in a strange Universe… to my its work fine…

was there any new Datasmith update that fixed the nanite issue?