Revert your project to a previous state

I don´t want to revert the Unreal engine. I just want to go back to a previous state of the game. My engine shut down every time and i don´t know why, so i want to go few hours back. I use Sourcetree to save my code in bitbucket. Maybe i can replace the game with a previous commit but i couldnt find anything in the internet about it. Does som1 know how i solve this problem? This game compiles but it crashes after pressing play. Did the same like in a tutorial but it doesnt work

Fixes crashes comes with the territory. Why not try and fix the issue? Check out the logs or see where your editor ended up when it crashed and share it here. Using source control to revert is possible and I think outside of the scope here Learn how to undo changes in Git using Bitbucket Cloud.

I don’t think you’re quite at the reverting stage.

The problem is that i think that it is an engine issue and i cant be able to fix this. I really copied the stuff from a tutorial