Reverse Particles to make a mesh

I can’t seem to find a straight answer on this.

Imagine in game I attempt to spawn a sword.

Before the sword is spawned I want to create a bunch of particles which accumulate into the shape of the sword.
Typically particles expand outward but in this case they would fade into existence and decompress to all collectively form the shape of my mesh.
Once complete the sword then begins existing in the form all of the particles created.

Is this possible?

I’m a total noob at this stuff so go easy on me.

I don’t think particles would be the right tool for that. Particles are just flat sprites, so even when they come together, it probably would not look like they are connected.

Maybe try to create the broken sword with separate pieces, record how they explode outwards and play back the reverse animation in the game.

Thanks for your comment.

I decided to use a destructible mesh and did some trickery to reverse it. The particles themselves had to be a different colour so all I did was create a duplicate sword, but with my new material instead and destructed that.

They really weren’t kidding when they said a fresh pair of eyes helps a lot.