Reverse doesn't work for both parameters, what am I doing wrong?

I have this blueprint that mostly works…but the reverse doesn’t update the second parameter.


Maybe your problem not in blueprint. I created blueprint with a box mesh. I created material with two parameters. And created graph similar your.

And this is what I got


Yeah did you try outputting the two timeline values to a printstring? just to confirm that the value changes when reversing? Are you SURE you have your Scalar parameter value hooked up in your material? (screenshot of the material graph would be helpful). A timeline simply not updating one of it’s parameters would be a very serious bug :slight_smile:



It plays fine forward, it just doesn’t play backwards. The material is fine and I can see the time moving forward and back on the timeline. It just isn’t updating the second parameter correctly in reverse. It gets stuck. Then, I can hit play again and it doesn’t always start out correctly.

Sequence node fixed it.