Reverse Destruction with Time Freeze

To reach this result I used 3 main bprints :

  • time delay to freeze the scene
  • time reverse (save each object trasfrom in a dedicated array)
  • destruction via code (no Destruct Mesh used here).

I’ve included this in a fractal scene I’ve made yesterday which is composed by hundreads of cubes like this.

I appreciate any comments about the reverse effect, which I haven’t found anywhere till now. Is somebody working on reverse destruction?

New test with a more realistic destruction effect: cubes progressively destruct into smaller cubes when falling.

Looks rather cool, but storing transforms for hundreds of frames for thousands of objects…

Here the demo you can download and play, demo scene is related to Reverse destruction v3 video above.
Works also in VR (tested on Oculus rift DK2).
Please read the ‘HELP_Keys.txt’ file inside the rar to better tests the reverse effect on explosions.

Click here to Download (300MB)

tutorial?! please <3

I’ll make a tutorial video on this…basically I use arrays to periodically store each cube location and then start from the bottom of the array and go backwards in order to put every cube back to it’s prev location. Every time I reverse a cube position, I cancel the last coord of the array so when the reverse is total and the cube is back to each initial position, the array will be empty.
When time advances the coord array will be filled by coords positions, when time reverses the array will be empty starting from the last position back to the initial one.