Reverb G2 controller meshes?

Anybody know where we can get the meshes for the HP Reverb G2 controllers?

We need to actually modify them so using the device visualization alone won’t do the trick for us.

You can download the CAD data from HP’s developer portal, or you can download a polygon mesh from here: HP G2 Reverb Controller - Download Free 3D model by beefeastwood (@beefeastwood) [b3cab6d] - Sketchfab

You can also find them if you enable Plugin Content in Editor: /OpenXR/Devices/HPMixedReality/

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Thanks! But I’m not seeing an OpenXR folder. :frowning: I’m running 4.27, have the OpenXR plugin enabled, and am viewing Engine Content in the content browser.

Other folders inside Engine Content are things like Animation, ArtTools, Automation, BasicShapes, etc. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Plugin Content != Engine Content. Go to View Options in the content browser and check “Show Plugin Content”. You’ll now see another folder below Engine Content, where you’ll find the OpenXR folder :slight_smile:


LOL welp, what do you know. It’s right where you said it would be! Reading is hard. Thanks VictorLerp!


And just to clarify, because I was confused by this for a while:

BOTH the engine content AND the plugin content options need to be selected, because one will not show up without the other!

(I hope this is a bug that will get fixed in the future… btw, I also enabled the XRVisualization plugin while “trouble shooting” this, which I’m not 100% sure is required either.)

XRVisualization plugin is not required