Revealing message/actor/decal when shined by a flashlight

Hi I would like to reveal a message on a mesh when shined by a flashlight. What can I do to achieve this material? I know some people are trying to use 2 normal/spec maps but how to reveal only the letter being shined?

This is the example


Firing a trace line from the player camera and hide/unhide the object seems like an alternative but is there a better way of doing it? If possible I want the problem to be tackled from the material it self.

This is actually pretty straightforward. If you use decals, not Dbuffer but regular deferred decals, then the color of those decals will only show up under a realtime light, but not static lighting. This is because deferred decals are applied after static lighting.

There will be dynamic light in some of the room and I only want to show the msg if a player is shining the decal/actor with a specific flashlight, is there other workaround ?

What exactly is wrong with this solution?

This thread talks about doing something similar to what you want.


Umm I might have misunderstand something but didn’t he say the decal will only appear when shined by real time lighting? And I would have some real time lighting next to the decal at the start of the game which ultimately reveal the msg? And how can I have the decal to appear only when shined by a certain type of light?

Edit: Checking the post now seems like something I just need, thanks for the help all

The page is no longer exist. what was the solution?