[REV-SHARE] XOOLOGY.wiki: Multiuser Next-Gen Spore-like Creature Creator needs 3D Model / Material Pieces ...

XOOLOGY.wiki: ( MonstaMASH GOLEMCraft v2 ) is Blueprints based Collaborative Creature Creator Application using a 3D KitBash Methodology. With MonstaMASH, developers can create and customize complex Creatures inside their Games! Reverse the Construction process for Destruction!


  1. 3D Modelers to author new 3D Modeled Organic and Mechanical Parts & Pieces.
    OR dissect/modify existing 3D Models to extract Organic and Mechanical Parts & Pieces for the system.
  2. Creature Animators with thorough understanding of UE4s Animation System {AnimBP Statemachines, Blendspaces, AimOffsets, Animation Slots, Poses, IK/FK}.
  3. VFX Artist with thorough understanding of UE4 PBR Materials Blueprints and Niagara Particle System.
  4. Blueprints Programmers with BP Networking Experience to assist in the development of the Multi-user Construction Editor.
XOOLOGY.wiki's Next-Gen Spore-like Collaborative Creature Creator

I’ve been working with UnrealEngine and hanging around UE Forums since 2014. I’m not much of a Modeler. I primarily work with Blueprints and have been working towards my version of a Collaborative Creature Creator to build . . .

XOOLOGY.wiki - A Multiplayer Interactive Xeno-Cryptid Encyclopedia and Sci-Fi Zoo Building Simulator Inspired by SCP Foundation, Spore Creature Creator, Zoo Simulators, Pet Simulators, Monster Hunter, Digimon, Other Genres and my Love for Aliens, Creatures, Kaiju, Monsters.

XOOLOGY.wiki aims to be a Global Rresource for Speculative Biology and Fiction for various Aliens / Cyptids / Monsters fostered by emphasis on interactive collaborative creativity using writing and digital content creation.

The Creature Creator codename ECHIDNA will be the first step towards the objective for Interactive Collaborative Digital Content Creation. As XOOLOGY.wiki’s core concept revolves around Creatures, I’m initiating the project with the development of a Creature Creator.

ECHIDNA is a multi-user Editor in development inspired by 3D Kitbashing. It features Hierarchal ‘Piece’ Attachment, Symmetrical Spawn and Orientation, Bone Morphing, Morphtarget Adjustment, Procedural Generation, Material Swapping and Parameter Adjustment.

ECHIDNA Prototype Version 0


ECHIDNA Prototype Version 1


Seeking 3D Model / Material Artists specializing in Photorealism to assist in authoring 3D Modelled organic, semi-organic Skeletal/Static Mesh Pieces and Materials designed for use within ECHIDNA to assemble Creatures of various design. These assets will also be used to establish model/material standards to expedite aurhoring and import into the Editing System.

Seeking 3D Creature Artists to give these creatures life.

Tabletop RPG Enthusiasts: We’re also interested in recommendations for an easy-to-use Table-top RPG Ruleset to assign Xeno-cryptids functional Bios and Abilities that can be used for Play and Storytelling beyond the wiki.

If Interested lets chat on Discord.

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This sounds more like the domain of a c++ programmer than a ‘blueprint guru.’

The prototype was achieved with Blueprints. Your Obsidian Weapon’s Pack is truly inspirational!

If you have the Serialized Data Remote Save/Load via HTTPS/HTTP part working from only using blueprint, that’s really impressive.

We’re using the Low Entry Suite from the Marketplace for that purpose.

Basic Collage Construction Assembly Process:

  1. Attach Shape Component to Skeletal Joints
  2. Spawn a Fragment external to Shape and interpolate towards Shape
  3. Test Collision against Fragment vs Shape
    3a) If Overlap, attach Fragment Mesh to Joint associated to Shape.

Really cool! I can see a lot of game and project applications coming for this!

How much can be customized? Procedurale?
Do you have any performance concerns? I could see someone spawn a sand monster army with this tool!

Thank you F3NR1S. Full Customization with Procedural Tools to assist in the construction process. The smaller/granular the parts, the greater the variance. Performance is always a concern and priority, the system makes use of Instanced Static Mesh Layers & Level Of Detail ISM layers, Crowd System for large quantities of Animated Skeletal Mesh Parts, Custom Local Occlusion and Material Instances.

Collage Construction evolved out of Zombie Apocalypse Game Concept: Project Frankiestien using “Flesh Golem” for Zombies. The goal at the time was to attach different body parts to a humanoid skeletal mesh to create a variety of monsters. I didn’t have body parts meshes on hand, so I used primitive geometry shapes. In developing the Collage Construction process, I envisioned assembling different types of abominations of both organic and non-organic objects, of various size, shape, design.

I believe with full powered manual control over position, orientation, scale and arbitrary/filtered attachment of meshes (and other components) assembling mechanical entities from modular parts can yield vastly improved and deliberate results:

The Thing

The Worm That Walks

Body of Bodies

Elemental Golems

Mechanical Entities

is this project still in development?

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However its feature set will be integrated into B A D * M O R F O.

Tabletop RPG Enthusiasts: We’re seeking recommendations for an easy-to-use Table-top RPG Ruleset to assign Xeno-cryptids functional Bios and Abilities that can be used for Play and Storytelling beyond the wiki.

One of my Personal Favorites is Steve Jackson’s Generic Universal Role Playing System (G.U.R.P.S). But, desire a custom system that’s even more significantly simpler to use.

Opened to All recommendations. Please feel free to post within Or chat on Discord .