Return to Castle Wolfenstein E1L1 Remake - Unreal Engine 4 - Feedback Welcome!

Hello everyone, just some screenshots of the current UE4 project I am working on, a fully playable recreation of the first level from Return to castle Wolfenstein. I will continue to post on this. I also a playlist of YouTube video’s which show the progress.

This is looking cool man! I’d love to play on this level :slight_smile:

One thing though, the screenshots 002 and 017 have some really red lights that seems unnatural for a torch. I think if rise the temperature you’ll get a more natural look to it.

Way to go man !

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Thanks for the feedback. Those aren’t torches, those are actual red lights.

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it’s beautiful

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Carried out some overall lighting tweaks to the level getting rid of the brightness and correcting lighting in the relevant areas as well as extra detail. Take this example of the first area.



  • Added detail a lot of area’s that were missing it.
  • Improved lighting around the map
  • Major optimisation passes
  • Added SFX to area’s
  • Blocking volumes to boundary the map
  • Scripted events added, e.g. doors opening/closing etc.
  • Added Level End credit exit screen
  • Added Level Start screen
  • Added post processing effects


  • Level Soundtrack (To change soundtrack at certain points)
  • Further optimisations
  • Minor Lighting tweaks
  • Enemies
  • Weapon/Item pickups followed by Testing and amendments
  • Major final level test to fix anything not working as it should
  • Production Lighting build.
  • Package and release.

Here are some screenshots of some areas with more detail. Backgrounds are the most notable, egg mountains are now visible in the distance and visible in the area’s that have windows.


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your doing the whole game right? including cutscenes and etc?

No this is just going to be a playable remake of the first level. It’s all for non commercial and entertainment purposes as well as something for my portfolio etc, plus helps to build skills in areas. To remake the whole game I would 1. need more people than myself and 2. Require permission from the publisher. Without it I would most likely be shut down quick like all people who attempt remakes of games blindly. Metal gear solid and resident evil 2 for example.

understandable. defiantly need permissions. i see.

good to know.