Retro Pixelated Fonts!?

Hey guys I’m looking for a way to make some pixel stylized fonts for my UI text,
or actually rather use regular fonts but add some pixilation in via a material perhaps. Also I’m wondering if alternatively, can textures can be used as fonts, in such a way as to allow us to type into UI dialog boxes?

Anyone know how to pull it off ??

I would suggest you to read through documentation. You can use prerendered fonts as texture atlas. Do not be lazy, just read about it in that UE sparse docs… it’s there, somewhere.

Hey thanks ! Sorry I didn’t see your reply here! So getting back to fonts, you mean I can use a texture atlas as a font ?! ill see what I can find thanks for the lead.

I looked threw here before posting initially, I wasn’t really being lazy.

Ok So, I found some information here regarding getting custom fonts into UMG, apparently UMG does not support offline fonts. and I think offline fonts is where the custom texture atlas goes that we could use for the font.(from my understanding)
Guess we cant do what we want to do because the offline fonts don’t work with UMG, that’s a shame really.

Any ideas ?!