Retrieving camera position in Niagara to blend from velocity-aligned to camera-aligned?


I was thinking about a feature I think I heard about in some GDC presentation. It was just someone saying they implemented an alignment for their emitters that “starts off” as velocity-aligned and then transitions into camera-aligned. This is very helpful in various cases like e.g. steam/smoke bursts or spark bursts with collision. I felt like this should be possible with Niagara, especially because you have the option to do “Custom Alignment”. Recreating velocity-alignment isn’t hard, as you just need to set the alignment to use the velocity vector, but without having access to the camera position, I can’t think of a way to recreate camera alignment.

Is there any way to retrieve the camera position (or some kind of view vector) in Niagara to be able to recreate camera alignment and then create a module that allows you to blend between velocity-aligned and camera-aligned mode? Shouldn’t that vector be already somewhere in the emitter to create the “generic” camera-alignment? I wouldn’t want to pass it in through blueprint, because that doesn’t sound great to maintain and might be potentially inefficient from a performance perspective.

Would much appreciate some help! Think it would be an awesome feature / module!