Retopology Solutions

Hey everyone,

So I know that developers probably have there own retopology tool preferences, but I was curious of what people like to use. I am currently doing research on the subject. I have some models that are 3D scans, and while they are very detailed and realistic in there proportions they are also very dense. Not to mention the topology is in bad shape. I can’t do much with the model until I retopologize it. I have Maya 2018, so I was considering using quad draw to do the job. However I thought Zremesher might be the more automated approach. I unfortunately do not have Zbrush though. What are your guy’s thoughts? Any other good tools out there?

It depends on what tools you have available. Pretty much every big 3D application has retopology tools, so if you have Blender/Maya/3ds Max you can do it in any of those programs manually. Zbrush has some manual tools along with Zremesher which can get good results automatically. Mudbox has an automatic retopology tool as well which does a pretty good job. Doing it manually will get an edge flow that you want but takes more time.
For hard surface models, there’s not really any automatic option, it’s hard for automatic tools to understand what the hard edges are.

Okay, I’m looking for more of an automated approach if possible. I’m finding it rather difficult to get the job done with quad draw. I may need to take some time to learn more about how to better use quad draw, but I’d rather try some automated approaches first. Are there any tools out there similar to Zremesher? Maybe a plugin for Maya? I don’t quite have the cash for Zbrush right now. I do plan on getting on it regardless though.

Meshlab has a retopology feature that works really well to reduce faces/vertices. It’s free
I have a 3d scanner, and when I use it things are sometimes crazy. Especially the UV, and the the number of verts.
Maya sculpting, relax, and smooth tools can help after you’ve reduced.
Meshlab seems to do the best job with reducing while keeping original shape. Because it has a ton of options to preserve topology while reducing.

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Check out 3Dcoat, their tools are pretty efficient. =)

Yes 3Dcoat’s Auto Retopo tools rocks. Since 4.8 gets better and better.
Mostly i use a script to delete vertex in max after i delete edge and then use projection modifier by 1 or 2 iteration. Simply fast and very precise. Faster than manually, read on many forums. Also theres a tool named Wrapit it generates it automatic(and its free yet), but dont know theres a similar plugin or script for maya.