Retarget A-Pose & T-Pose animations for a Target Skeleton

Working on a game utilizing the Alecs Ledge Climbing System (ALCS) from the marketplace. The character I created was rigged in a T-Pose and luckily the mannequin used in ALCS was as well - being the old blue mannequin mode. Which made retargeting animations a smooth enough process. However, I’m also attempting to use the Push Actor blueprint also on the marketplace, as well as other animations sets on marketplace such as the Idles & Gestures. The base pose for the skeletal mesh on these animations are in an A-Pose.

The retargeting documentation offered for retargeting different skeletons only suggests rotating the arms of the target skeleton to match the position of the source skeleton. The problem with that is this adjustment translates across all previously retargeted animations.

That is, If you retarget T-Pose animations to another T-Pose skeleton, everything’s fine. Afterwards rotate T-Pose arms down in order to retarget A-Pose animations to it, and all those previous animations will have the characters arms going into their body…but the animations retargeted for A-Pose will be fine.

Is there any easy way to resolve this issue? It gets annoying when there is no established standard of A-Pose or T-Pose and very few of the animation packs on marketplace did the content provider accommodate for both poses.

I’ve tried exporting individual animations I needed (hoping maybe if I make a new file out of it, it will somehow be unbound to the A-Pose/T-Pose it was made for and I’d end up with just any other animation as though I had made one myself). I reimported the animation and assigned my characters skeleton to it upon importing and not much has changed with it.

I even attempted to export the skeletal mesh for the animations I need and adjusting its arms into a T-Pose to see if that would work.

Someone please help.

I think I solved it. In Unreal’s retargeting documentation, in the Retarget Manager window at the bottom under Manage Retarget Base Pose, you can set a retarget pose for the target skeleton so it matches the sources base pose. Alternatively, you can do the same in reverse - set a retarget pose for the source skeleton so it matches the target.