Resume lightmap calculation

Hello, I would like to know how can I resume a lighmap calculation. Mine was 98% (12 hours of work in 4 PCs) and unexpected crashed. How can I resume this lightmap calculation? I need to rebuild from scratch? Thank you!

HI a8523654,

You’ll need to start over from scratch.

Was the crash UE4 related? Did you get a call stack for it, or was this a Lightmass Crash window that did not close the editor?

The PC where was running Swarm Coordinator runned out of memory. Then Everything stopped. Are you sure everytime I will need to start over? Thank you!

If you ran out of memory then doing it again isn’t going to fix it because it will run out of memory again. If you have a very large map, with foliage and things like that, then baked lighting might not be a good option.