Results of an automation test

Hello! I’ve tried to write automation test by this guide Automation Technical Guide | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation and I’ve ran it from CLI by command UE4Editor.exe GAMENAME -Game -ExecCmds="Automation Run FMyTest". But I don’t see any results. I mean, that I see launched game, but I don’t see results of tests in CLI or in game’s window. How can I see results of them?

I’m sure, that test works, because, when I add check(false) game finishes.

The code.

IMPLEMENT_SIMPLE_AUTOMATION_TEST(FMyTest, "Pretty name for my test", ATF_Game)
bool FSetResTest::RunTest(const FString& Parameters)
    FString * TestString = nullptr;
    return true;

This test must be failed, but I can see it. Where can I see it.

Thank you! Sorry if my english is not clear.

I’ve took a look on the logs of my application and noticed, that it has logs LogAutomationTest. It represents data, that I need. But Is it the one way to see results?

Ok, it seems, that results are available only in log file. So, this command is useful for me ./UE4Editor /path/to/project_file -ExecCmds="Automation Run [test classes separated by space]" LOG=/path/to/logfile -Game after executing I see the log file. Under Linux I use grep for filtering.