Result shown in VR preview mode is not as seen in Oculus headset

I want to capture video for making a game demo, but the screen shown in VR preview mode is not as what the player seen in the Oculus headset.
This bother me so much as I had 3D widget displaying player’s health and stamina on the left and right side (Two circles - red and green). They both should balance the screen or having the same space far away from the edge like this.

I know this is something about VR Spectator Screen ( I’ve tried all the Modes available but none of them is acceptable. Now I’m using the mode that showing only the area of left eye, and that’s make my 3d widget unbalanced as some of my 3D widget on the right side is cropped off the screen.

Can anyone make the screen shown in VR preview mode mirror the one that player seen in their headset? Personally, this is critical issue. There should be a solution. Please help …