Restricting Motion Controller Movement

Hey everyone. I’m trying to make a feature where the user can rotate a circular door handle ( something like what would exist on a blast door or watertight situation ), but I’m having a bit of trouble restricting the Motion Controllers to stop being able to move past the actual meshes boundaries once they grab the handle. Can anyone provide some insight into this? I’ve tried setting the world position of the Motion Controller Component to always be the same while the user is pressing the action input binding and the sphere trace finds a door handle, but that has erratic behaviour at best.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You can detach hand mesh from motion controller and attach it to the handle.

Ok I did that and it worked, I’ve made some progress on the system. One problem I’m having now is that when I detach the hand from the handle, when the user is no longer pressing the action button, and then attach it to the motion controller again, the mesh wont follow the controller’s rotation untill I press the action button again, which ends up screwing up the symmetry of the rotation of my two ingame hands. Any thoughts on how to counteract this ?

Thanks for all the help thus far by the way.

EDIT: Nevermind, that was a screw up on my part, everything is working fine

You also can take a look at my Door implementation: yuri / DoorDemo · GitLab