Restrict commenting to owners


I find it vital to only allow the package owners to leave a comment/feedback/review on the marketplace page. The rest of those whom have questions and concerns before buying the package can post in the related thread on the marketplace forum.
There are people often leaving bad reviews for various purposes without having actually bought the package. Some of which are also offensive and insulting.

This is my serious concern as a seller.

On the other hand when I want to buy I don’t really know what user X has wrote about it is true or not since we can’t see if he is a verified package owner.

I’m a buyer, and I completely agree.

They should just have a separate section on the package’s page for Customer Q&A’s similar to what Amazon does, and block out actual reviewing/feedback for package owners.

The way it is now, I have to read through every comment and make a decision if they actually bought the item and is giving true feedback.

+1 for that :smiley:
Then reviews will be much more believable

I assume one cannot buy a package to just be able to write a fake negative review and then get a refund so easily. Epic has mentioned they don’t give refunds without a solid reason from the customer and without contacting the seller. However, sometimes they do give refunds quite easily and without contacting the seller so yes you are right we need a better way to do that.

But all in all, we do need to have a system that prevents fake reviews, what’s the best way to do so is up to Epic. I just wanted to bring this into consideration and let them know that there are such problems going on on marketplace.

I think it’s important for buyers to leave feedback on the front-facing page. This is the “go-to” point for purchases.

I think the better solution would be to label owners vs. interested parties. So that way comments from owners would be seen as more reliable.

However, Stephanie has said in the slackchat that if you receive what you feel is unfair comments, they can investigate removing them. I am pretty sure that if they looked and saw a review from a non-owner, that would be grounds for removal. Not ideal though.

The only reason I agree with this is because we can receive notifications on forum posts(where people could come and ask questions before they buy) versus the Marketplace comments, which sends out zero notifications… That being said, not every potential buyer frequents the forums, some of them probably live in the launcher and having another means of communications through there is very useful.

I think a better option would be to have a reviews section, limited to buyers, and a comments/questions section on the product page

I agree with the “verified purchase” label for those that have purchased the item when commenting on the item. That makes it clear that the comments are reliable.

However the reason that exists on amazon is because you can review a product on amazon that you bought but perhaps didn’t buy AT amazon since amazon sells everything from everywhere. Since there is only one marketplace here selling UE4 items, it doesn’t really make much sense to allow anyone BUT the purchasers to comment on a product. Yes I know some people purchase outside of the marketplace from the sellers direct site, but thats the seller taking away a potential ue4 review if they allow that and I think thats fine.

Because in reality creators and creators friends can post positive reviews til their fingers get sore having not purchased it too which doesnt help the cause.

I’ve bought a bunch of things and only one have I asked for a refund because it didn’t work well at all. I posted my issues with it in the comments. Instead of replying to the comment, my comment was just down voted like 4 times. Someone else replied to my comment saying they had the same problem, and then theirs was down voted the same amount of times. So clearly the creator was doing that for negative legit comments. In this case the creators should be able to comment and reply but not “vote” comments either way.

I also think Epic SHOULD lock it down to purchasers only and then offer a $3-5 off your next purchase IF you leave a review(only allow one review per purchaser obviously), it helps boost sales overall and nothing costs $5 or less so it also encourages people to spend more money, and review. Everyone wins.

I agree with the “verified purchase” label - that would be very handy!

Totally agree…
Look at the Unity market. The reviews are really useful.
But there is the problem of sellers who self purchase the product with other accounts and leave positive reviews. But they are very few and easy to identify

I agree that a “verified purchase” label would be helpful, but limiting comments would be detrimental.

I’ve looked at quite a number of Marketplace items with comments that point out discrepancies or deficiencies in the content that are deal breakers for me. Most of these are pointed out by people who did not purchase the item.

I agree that comments shouldn’t be restricted, but labeling verified purchasers would be beneficial. Some people find products through the launcher, or website alone - so if you restrict their access to engage with the seller it would only limit interest in the product.

I agree with Verified Owner and not restricting comments.

After reading more comments here I still disagree with allowing any comments. I’ve not bought packs based on non purchasers comments, things like where they say what they “think” is the case with something based on the images. The creator will reply and then there is a back and forth in the comments section and regardless, a negative comment adds a negative context to the product whether its valid or not, this is the reality and unfair to the creator if untrue. Further to that tho then someone else asks the same question in a different comment, not having read it. And then all I see for that item is this “discussion” or " accusations about the product" and everything else gets overshadowed and I’m just “meh… why take the risk that it will come up short” and just skip it. Plus If I wanted to read huge discussions on things, I’d go to the forum. IF the creator doesn’t create a thread for their product then they limit themselves. Clearly mentioning the thread in the desc of the product in the launcher means “launcher people” will know about the thread.

Forum should be for questions and marketplace comments should be for reviews. Even amazon separates this, most likely for organizational sake I mentioned just now. They have a “ask a question about the product” and ANYONE can answer those, those questions don’t get posted in the review section of the product though. Makes it easier for interested parties to check questions to see if they’re concerns are addressed and check reviews to see if the product is decent. I don’t know about you, but unless its a particular asset i need and want asap in my project, most of my buys here are “impulse buys”. I like it, I grab it. If I have to sift through comments to see if its good… I skip it. Maybe thats just me.

I still say restrict Comments to purchasers only. Add an “questions and answers” tab along side the “comments/reviews” for people to post questions and community to be able to answer.

I would vote for restricting Ratings to Buyers, not comments or questions. I like the idea about a Buyer Badge as I have yet to earn a Badge for anything else. lol.

While we’re at making improvements to the Unreal Marketplace, lets also add a Wishlist, Gifting Purchases, and Add-on/Extension Sections for Content.:cool:

While we are discussing comments: An email notification about new comments would be very helpful!

Hey guys,

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. We are already aware and agree that there needs to be some comment notification for sellers to view their buyers’ comment. We are currently working on a more streamline method of moderating your comments and reviews. In the meantime, if you see any negative comments that hold no constructive criticism, please reach out to marketplace-support@unrealengine or just swing a PM directly to me and I will look into this for you. Again, thank you guys for your feedback. I have been collecting all of your valuable concerns we have been receiving and giving it to the right people to get the ball rolling. I cannot express how awesome you guys have been with your feedback on improving the Unreal Marketplace. You guys rock! :slight_smile:

I would support having a badge for people who have actually bought the product but I have my doubts seeing as how I filed a support ticket to get the published dates for the Unreal Marketplace items fixed. I still see dates saying “1969-12-31” and other abnormalities that should have been fixed since over a year ago. I already sent multiple tickets to have that fixed.

That is why I have taken the time to review Unreal Marketplace items myself and let other people know so they can make a much better choice and not be tricked into buying garbage behind a paywall.