Restoring in-app purchases in Blueprint

Currently there is no way to restore in-app purchases via Blueprint. Will this functionality be added in the future ? Since this is a mandatory requirement from Apple for non-consumeable in-app products.


I am also interested if this functionality will be added, as this is a make or break feature for me.

Apple will definitely reject your app if it doesn’t have a restore button, which means you cannot make your app a free app and add an IAP to make it premium. Furthermore you cannot make a free app with ads in it and add an IAP to remove the ads.

Just been looking at the Blueprint API for In-App-Purchases and I can only find:

  1. Make An in- App Purchase - Kicks off a transaction for the provided product identifier.
  2. Read in App Purchase Information - Queries a InAppPurchase for an integer value

I cannot find PROCESS TRANSACTIONS, DELIVERING CONTENT OR FINISHING THE TRANSACTION, which means currently you can only initiate a transaction through Blueprints, but there is no way to deliver the actual product (e.g. 100 Gold Coins) to the customer.

Can someone who is more familiar with the Unreal Engine 4 explain just how to set up in-app purchases using just Blueprints?


Interesting. I did not know this and I was planning on having my game free with ads and have an in-app purchase to remove the ads and unlock additional features. Anybody know if this will be added in the next month or two?

Good Morning Folks,

Apologies that this has been an inconvenience for you. I do plan on revisiting IAP in the next few weeks, and will add the missing functionality. I would expect this to make it into 4.8.


This is great to hear. Thanks!

EDIT: In-App purchases work fine, you just need to add an ini setting. iOS in-app purchases not working when deploying from windows - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

This is from version 4.5 i suppose , since the nodes now look different.
Currently when using the Make in-app purchase node on iOS, it never fires success or failure. It would be nice to have a little bit more info on how to set this up correctly, as there is currently no documentation available.

Any chance this makes it into 4.7? Going by the time in between 4.6 and 4.7 it may not be until April when 4.8 comes.

Any updates on this? Or does anyone have a guide to implementing this with code? Feel free to answer here also:

Hi all,

Here is the AnswerHub thread that currently contains the most up to date info on In App Purchases. As this thread is a necro of a very old one I’m not sure what specific functionality was missing, but was able to assist these users in getting IAP to work. Please have a look and see if it assists with your specific issues. If that specifically does not help, do search AnswerHub for In-App Purchases (or even google for same and UE4 as the AH search is sometimes not so great) and see if there’s a more specific answer. There’s been several threads about it answered there since this thread was posted.


Those posts are not about what this thread is about which is the ability to restore an in-app purchase with blueprints. It was stated in the recent video focused on mobile the restore function was not there yet and for iOS it is a requirement to have a restore button to restore in-app purchases for the app to get approved. Maybe the ability is really there( can you somehow use the Read in App Purchase Information to restore a purchase?) but based on this thread and the video it’s not. And as you can see Terrance stated above he expected to add this to 4.8 so is there an update on this?

As rckt26 has stated, those threads are about making purchases. We need to be able to Restore Purchases as it is a iOS Requirement for Non-Consumable IAPs. As this is the only thing for me to do to be able to release my game, i cannot wait until 4.9 for this functionality. This is why I need to know if it is making 4.8 or not (as of preview 2 still not implemented). As I am very busy, it would be nice to know in case I have to commit the time to getting it figured out via C++. (already spent some time looking into it last week, more details in my AH question)

Here is the link to my AH from a few days ago.

Sorry to bump this thread, but 4.8 Preview 3 is now out and also does not have this feature. Could we please get an answer to the above posts? I would like to ship as soon as possible.

Hi all,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I spoke to Burns and he advised me that the fix for this functionality did not make it into the 4.8 update, and that now they are looking at including it in 4.9. For reference, the JIRA for this issue is UE-7474. I will update this thread when I hear about any updates to the issue.

Egh. Well thanks for the udpate, shame it’ll be such a long time coming… this certainly will change my plans.

Very sad to hear that iAPs have so low priority, currently looking into it and the blueprint nodes are nice in general, but some more functionality would be great (and so important, I mean … Somehow we got to make money, right ? :wink: )
Let’s hope to see that feature(s) soon … :slight_smile:

Can someone please explain what the READ IN APP PURCHASE INFORMATION node does and maybe how to use it. i was thinking that this would be used to check for previous purchases and could be used to restore. all I’m trying to do is a remove adds purchase and restore if reinstalled or installed on another device.


Yeah, a REALLY basic use-case like the one that described would already be “enough” for now, is that already possible?

To have a temporary fix you could add it to an achievement. Once you have bought an iAP set the achievement to unlocked. Seeing EPIC is focusing on VR that actually only makes for 0.1% of their total developers you can see their priorities are a bit messed up off focus. Don’t expect them to have a fix (can’t even call it a fix but more or less a missing feature)

It is in 4.9 and I’ve tested it and it seems to work.

Would like to see how you got it to work (a step by step if possible)

**So making a purchase works fine, now how can you restore it? the [Restore in-app purchases] blueprint node doesn’t seem to work at all?