Restoring in-app purchases in Blueprint

Hey KillerSneak,
if you didn’t make your app to restore non-consumable product it is very simple.
Step 1:
Place your restore in app purchases node where zou want to.
Step 2:
Connect get player controller to Player Controller node.
Apple will automatically restore all your non-consumable purchases.
Step 3:
Do something on Success or on Failure.

It is that simple.

look in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.9\Engine\Source\Runtime\Online\Android\OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay\Private\OnlineStoreInterfaceGooglePlay.h (version 4.9 or 4.10).

it says:

virtual bool RestorePurchases(FOnlineInAppPurchaseRestoreReadRef& InReadObject) override
// Not Yet Implemented
return false;
// End IOnlineStore

So what’s happened to Restoring in app purchases function?

Currently with the release of 4.10.1 the functionality works for Apple but is yet to be implemented for Android. I spoke with a developer and there is no ETA on this however the issue is registered.

You can see how to work the Restore node by checking out the newest Match 3 game learning resource that Epic Released. (Found at the top of this forum).