"Restore" Open Tabs on launch

Couple things:

  1. “Don’t ask me again” should then execute whatever you choose on every product startup. If I check box and say “Restore Now,” it should restore my open tabs every time I start the editor. Right now, ticking that box just makes the checkbox disappear.
  2. Make an option in Editor Preferences, if it isn’t already. For people that change their minds. Also tell people where to access setting after they’ve committed to one or the other.
  3. Have dialogue, if the user has not selected “Don’t ask me again,” persist until the user selects something. Right now it stays up for a good long time, but not forever. My editor was taking a very long time to start up, so I decided to peruse the forums. I got caught up in an interesting thread and went back to the editor after about 10 minutes. I didn’t get the option to restore my last setting, that was already gone. It’s a nuisance to have to go through now and open all the stuff I was working with before, if I can remember which ones exactly.

Epic pls and thank you

Hey ,

I can help with #2, there is an option in the Editor Preferences in the Loading and Saving section, you can choose to always restore all previously open tabs on launch. :slight_smile:


Thank you for that! It’s nice knowing that the option is there, though it frustratingly only works when it wants to - sometimes it restores, sometimes it doesn’t, and now the option doesn’t appear at startup with option on. still needs some TLC.

No problem, one note on that is if the engine crashes it will always ask you whether to restore overriding your setting. But that is preferrable imo to an endlessly crashing engine. :smiley:

Oh my yes, I can agree with that. The problem though is that I’m not crashing, I’m closing! It just does what it wants to do. Very frustrating.

Hmmm that shouldn’t be happening… Just so the dev’s know, what version of the engine are you using (and built from source or pre-compiled)?

might be something to report as a bug on AnswerHub if you can get it to reliably do with the setting turned on. It seems to work properly for me in 4.5.1, but it could also be due to the type of asset you have open (or possibly only with large or complex BP’s/Materials), hard to say.

May also be because I’m building from source, version 4.6.0+0UE4. Maybe it’s a regular run-of-the-mill source bug. I’ll keep a log of my experience with for another week and post to answerhub. Thanks!

I ended up writing a plugin for : Asset Tab Manager - Manage asset tabs, save and load tab sessions, recover previously open tabs - even after a crash!

The plugin remembers your currently open tabs every time a new asset is opened so in the event you aren’t prompted to restore your session by the engine, you can restore what you want from the plugin’s automatic backup.

Furthermore, it remembers all previously opened assets and allows you to create ‘sessions’ made up of specific groups of tabs for your specific task or workflow.

Is the bug where it sometimes doesn’t open previously opened files when the option is selected in Editor Preferences now fixed?