Asset Tab Manager - Manage asset tabs, save and load tab sessions, recover previously open tabs - even after a crash!

Asset Tab Manager or “ATM” is a plugin for Unreal Engine that allows you to track your recently opened assets and create “sessions” or collections of assets based on theme or workflow then open desired assets all at once in a specified order.

Have you ever closed the editor and opened it again later on, only to find that you aren’t prompted to reopen your previously open tabs? Messed up, isn’t it? And there doesn’t always appear to be a reason why this prompt may or may not show up.

Asset Tab Manager not only allows you to create specific sessions by tracking recently opened asset tabs, but it also remembers your open tabs every time you open another asset and saves it as a backup session. That means that your previously open tabs will be able to be reopened any time you want. You are no longer at the mercy of whether or not the engine ‘remembers’ your previously open tabs!

Why use Asset Tab Manager instead of Favorites or Collections in the Content Browser? For one thing, all recently opened assets are tracked so you don’t have to hunt them down in the Content Browser to save them to a collection. Furthermore, if you’re particular about your tab order, rejoice! Tabs opened by ATM will always open in a deterministic order that you define.

Have one session for editing your pawn, one for editing a group of meshes in your level, one for editing all of the animations in a montage, one for working on a group of UI elements, one for absolutely anything!


  • Track asset tabs and save them to sessions
  • Automatically backup tab sessions and restore them at any time, even after a crash
  • Recall recently opened assets quickly

Code Modules:

  • AssetTabManagerEditor

Number of Blueprints: 0
Number of C++ Classes: 10
Network Replicated: N/A
Supported Development Platforms: Windows x64, Mac, Linux

English Language Manual

Available Now!

Price: 14.99


This plugin is available now!

Hey everyone, if you have some saved sessions already be aware that I just pushed an update that may break your saved sessions. The update should be live by Friday. If it does break your saved sessions, send me a private message. Sessions are saved in plain text, so it’s very likely that your sessions can be restored after the update.

Breaking changes shouldn’t happen again in the future now that this change has been made, which was a more modular approach the way the sessions are stored.

This update is now live! I apologize to anyone for the inconvenience!

New version is up! Now supporting 5.2 :slight_smile:

New version is up now supporting 5.3! Mac support has been dropped for the moment, but will be re-added soon.

Hi, it compiles fine with 5.4 but all the data is lost between editor restarts. Had no issue in 5.3

Hello Vaei!

I got a chance to compile this for 5.4 today, but I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue.

Can you check your {project}/Saved/Config/{platform}/ directory for “AssetTabManagerSerializedData.ini”? If it’s there and you don’t see your session, would you mind sending me that file and let me know your platform so I can try to debug?

There isn’t one there, and if I try copying one from another 5.3 project that does work, it deletes it.

I see. What platform are you on?

Windows 11 (Win64)

Thank you, I have found the cause of the problem but not yet a solution. Epic has written a new subsystem for config files that doesn’t play well with the way this data set was set up. I’ve decided to write a custom deserializer for the plugin that will be backward compatible. I will develop this over the coming week. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and I’ll let you know in the thread when it is complete and I will upload this for 5.4 as soon as possible.

Thanks very much for the update, I’ll be on the lookout for an update when you’ve solved it :slight_smile:

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