RestartLevel Console Command makes VR mode fail

At least for me in 4.4.3

when is executed (at least as a blueprint node) the HMD (Oculus DK2) gets a blackscreen, the mirror (monitor) remains ok though.

Hi osakaro,

When you use the hmd mirror command, you will need to hit Alt+Enter to exit the Oculus and then Alt+Enter again to re-enter it. This will refresh the view. If you are often working in the same projects with VR you may want to set this up in the Level Blueprint so it will happen on begin play.


that did not work! I was already doing it, see:

So the Oculus was working fine before updating to 4.4.3?

Also, is this only happening in your project or can you also reproduce the issue in a new project?

I did’nt tried this before 4.4.3 so I cannot tell, Im going to try in another project to see what happens, thanks.