Restarting Streamed Level

So I’ve been working on a simple 2D sprite “speedrun” style platformer with multiple levels. I’m using level streaming now because I want the music to stay persistent through each level.

Question is what is the best way to restart the level without the loading “lag” to restart the level when the player dies. Right now I just use the console command “restartlevel” which does the trick and resets the level and player variables but when in standalone preview there is maybe a 1 second for the player to respawn and level restart. I don’t get the 1 second lag when running the game through the editor but on packaged or standalone testing there is a delay from restarting the level. I would have figured since this is a very small simple pixel platformer with small levels that there would be little to no lag when restarting the level.

So I’m looking for a way to restart the player at the starting point seamlessly after the player dies or chooses to restart the level. Similar to Super Meat Boy or I Want To Be The Guy/Boshy.

Any help or lead to the right direction would be appreciated.

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Still no solution

I encounter the same problem and I need a solution…