Restart not being called on client pawns

Having a weird issue that is only present on 4.25.3

I have two spaceships facing each other in a MP game.

On the client pawn, Restart() is never called (it’s not being possessed by the controller on the client machine), while the app is in focus (in a two player PIE session).

If I switch focus to something else (desktop, VS), Restart() is instantly called and everything works fine.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a ListenServer/Client or Client/Client on a dedicated server, the clients cameras are just sat at the origin until I switch focus :S

So far, I’ve not been able to determine why that is, other than Restart() isn’t being celled for the offending client, though seems to be only related to 4.25.3.

I switched back to 4.25.1, and then to 4.23.1 and both work perfectly fine.

A bit random I guess… has anyone got some suggestions for stuff I can check to try to determine why this is happening?

I’m running into this same issue, did you ever figure out a solution? Would be very helpful. Thank you!