ResponsiveAA + TemporalAA working for right eye only, bloom not covering whole right eye

There is an issue of Responsive AA material flag working for only the right eye when doing stereo rendering for VR. This happens when using r.PostProcessAAQuality over 3. One could resort to FXAA to resolve that, but the resulting aliasing is too severe for my use.

Screenshot showing the problem:

Second issue is that bloom is not covering the whole right eye render (this is noticeable for the end user wearing the headset as well after the distortion pass). There is a portion missing from the left side.

Screenshot showing the problem (look near the area where the two eye renders meet):

Answerhub thread on the same issues:

A lot of post processing effects do not work too well with VR at the moment.
There’s some advice on

I’ve found that I had to disable Temporal AA.

Thank you for the reply!

I can’t really take the quality hit that comes with using fxaa as it introduces a lot of edge and specular aliasing.

That piece of documentation seems to be a bit out of date in some aspects as for example the Showdown demo relies on temporal aa for its smoke trail and explosion effects (also the same problem is present at the end of that demo when near the robots face and its particles).

The solutions I am considering short of Epic fixing it is to well, sadly not use small particles and take the visual quality hit in content for the moment. This includes disabling the responsive aa flag for the sprite materials to make sure the disparity between the eye renders is less noticable and straining on the eyes. Try to trace down the issue myslef, which seems it would be too much of a time sink for me atm as I am not really at home with the render code source. Or look for a way of forcing fxaa or no aa for the particles, which might be even less possible.

So I tested things out with, 4.11 preview 1, if responsive AA flag is turned off small particles are actually more visible than with 4.10 from a longer view distance. Enabling the responsive AA flag actually then reduces the visible distance of small particles for the left eye render (to the original state as seen in the first screenshot of the thread). But it seems there are more changes to VR related things in 4.11 like, how getting the HMD position is handled. I will however not investigate it further at this time as my project crashes each time I exit play in editor. Will wait until that issue is resolved.

To fix bloom being cut off for the right eye render I am simply using: r.BloomQuality 2, which completely resolves the issue (r.BloomQuality 3 gives a better result than 4, but there is still a slight gap) and I can’t really see much of a quality difference in my project, though your results may differ.

So another day another issue. But first I checked the responsiveAA problem out on 4.11 preview 2, still there (though not using it seems to be giving giving better results than in 4.10). I would greatly appreciate if someone at Epic would check it out.

The other issue that has actually been there forever I guess is that console displaying is messed up when using a high world to meters scale. This is what it looks like (my world to meters scale is at ~2500 the higher you go the more apparent it is), also note that same goes for displaying fps using Stat FPS:

Edit Almost forgot: if you are using the Oculus Audio plugin with this preview it will crash the editor after exiting play in editor mode.