ResponsiveAA + TemporalAA working for right eye only, bloom not covering whole right eye

There is an issue of Responsive AA material flag working for only the right eye when doing stereo rendering for VR. This happens when using r.PostProcessAAQuality over 3. One could resort to FXAA to resolve that, but the resulting aliasing is too severe for my use.

Screenshot showing the problem:

Second issue is that bloom is not covering the whole right eye render (this is noticeable for the end user wearing the headset as well after the distortion pass). There is a portion missing from the left side.

Screenshot showing the problem (look near the area where the two eye renders meet):

i also experience this same issue

we just went with a bloom value at 3… :frowning:


Setting r.BloomQuality to 2 seems to fix the second issue as well, with not a huge quality loss. And you can still use larger size values.

The particle problem persists and that is sadly much more of an issue for my project.

So I tested things out with, 4.11 preview 1, if responsive AA flag is turned off small particles are actually more visible than with 4.10 from a longer view distance. Enabling the responsive AA flag actually then reduces the visible distance of small particles for the left eye render. But it seems there are more changes to VR related things like, how getting the HMD position is handled. I will however not investigate it further at this time as my project crashes each time I exit play in editor. Will wait until that issue is resolved.

I’m also experiencing the same problem here with the bloom.
Setting the bloomquality to 2 did not 100% solve the issue.
It looks better, but it still fades out too soon on your right eye.
Setting the quality to 3 got the seam back.

I’ll be waiting for 4.11 as well to see if this will be fixed properly.
Till then I’ll keep my eye on this ticket.