Respawn dead player with on checkpoints in multiplayer

Hi, I created a multiplayer game following UE4 tutorial for Steam. I also created a checkpoint/respawn system which works perfect in a single player game mode but the checkpoint/respawn system does not work properly in a Multiplayer Game mode (coop gameplay). Basicly Player “A” creates a host and Player “B” and Player “C” join the host. After the game load a level, If any of the characters dies all the characters starts to play death animation, all the character controls are also disabled at the same time but ONYL host respawn at the check point even the host player didnt die!

I have created a box collusion for characters to die if they touch it.

I am new to the UE4 and this is my first game. Hope you guys find a solution for this problem.

Here is the check point/respawn tutorial which I have followed for single gameplay mode : Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Creating a Simple Checkpoint/Respawn System - YouTube

Please show your blueprints/code for how you trigger death and respawning.