Resource Gathering

Does anyone know how to go about this? I’d like to be able to have an item, such as an axe or pickaxe and farm wood from trees or mountain sides where it checks if you have enough skill to do so. You would click the item, and get an icon to click the tree or mountain.
Then it would check to see if resources are available, and mine them out until they’re “gone”. Otherwise if they’ve been mined/cut recently (So on a respawn timer, or something to that effect.) it’ll display a message like “There’s currently no wood/ore available in this area.”

Later on I’d like to change the types of ore you get from locations too, just need some ideas how to go about this. If it’s also possible to do through blueprints, even if it might be difficult.

Any feedback is welcome, thanks!

What you are asking to do is a large endeavor. It’s probably weeks/months of work making multiple systems that intertwine. The scope of this is much too large to get into here. I recommend breaking your idea down into small pieces/systems and start implementing it after doing some tutorials about the basics of Unreal.

AnswerHub is really for getting people unstuck or pushed in the right direction instead of planning an entire game out.

The Unreal Engine forums may provide you with more luck planning as it is better suited to back and forth development.

Thanks, was looking if there’s already a system out there for this or direction on what I’d need to do to implement it in a manner, such as key ideas for making mountains mesh for mining. I’ll look around more to see if I see anything.