(Resolved) "Asset failed to save" error - "Asset does not have any of the provided object flags"

Intermittently in the days since the update, when I try to save my project by clicking save, using Ctrl S, or I try to save individual meshes or materials, I get errors saying that an object can’t be saved. Also I get this error sometimes when I try to exit UEFN and UEFN prompts me to save. I think I’ve lost some small changes to my project but nothing huge yet.

I try hitting Retry, but that doesn’t work. So then I click Continue, exit and restart, and hope that I don’t lose progress. At this point it’s hard for me to tell what progress I’ve lost. Some of the changes that it says aren’t being saved are very small and hard to notice. I haven’t noticed any huge losses, but I’m worried that in the future something big will be lost because of this bug.

Previously before this update I was experiencing freezing and crashing whenever I saved. So maybe this is related? However this time there isn’t a freeze, and I get error messages, whereas before the update I got no specific messages, just freeze or crash. Here the post for that old problem: (Resolved) UEFN Appication Freezes upon Saving. Meshes are Deleted and Cannot be Recovered. Crashes randomly. - #15

Here are my logs:
Logs_BlueClairy_Nov3.zip (150.6 KB)

As a workaround you can save those files with save.FixupStandaloneFlags 1 in cmd. (cmd is located at the bottom left)

Im not what the error is though or how its caused…

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Ran into this myself, definitely on our list. Thank you for the additional report!

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So can confirm that we have identified the issue and should have a fix, and it should be in the next release. :smile: :smile: :smile:


Nice, thanks for checking in! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oo thanks I’ll try this!

Year later. Fix is not in place. Still happening


Am getting this today, also.