resizing textures to make smaller builds

So I have a library of assets that has all textures saved as *.uasset in 4k. I want to try to resize them down and to test them at 2k or even 1k to make the final build smaller. No idea how to do it efficiently.

I can easily export the texture as TGA or BMP, resize it in Phostoshop, then import back to EU, but that’s pretty time consuming. I don’t believe there are no better ways - yet apparently I don’t know what keywords to use in my google searches, as things I am finding are all slightly off topic :frowning:

bit of googlefu got me to “set the Max Texture Size in the Device Profiles. Go to Window->Developer Tools -> Device Profiles.
and select your desired Profile. you can then change the Max LOD size”. from what i understand this will limit the packaged textures to that level when you package with that profile.

you can also use “r.MipMapLODBias N” in the consol where N is a value starting from 0 for full res, and each higher number scales the textures down a level to check what the game looks like with lowered textures