ResetOrientationAndPosition on VIVE going to floor


We’re using ResetOrientationAndPosition when a level starts to make sure the HMD position is reset so that the camera starts at the correct location. This works fine on Oculus and PSVR, but when we use it with VIVE, it seems to reset it’s tracking to the floor. So now the camera is on the floor.

I setup the HMD by calling SetTrackerOrigin with FloorLevel and the HMD was tracking as the expected with a Z of about 140cm (my head height when sitting). As soon as I call ResetOrientationAndPosition , it goes down to about 15cm. Then even if I exit and run again, the tracking remains at about 15cm. If I quit Unreal and come back in, it’s back to 140cm. Run ResetOrientationAndPosition and it’s back to 15cm.

This is VIVE only, the other two systems behave fine.

Anyway ideas? Am I doing something wrong here?


Hi RM,

For our project we have the player walk and stand on a marker at the center of their playspace before ‘teleporting’ them in. I wouldn’t advise using Reset with the VIVE, not sure it is intended for that use.

Hope that gives some helpful input,


Thanks. Yes, I’ve stopped using if for VIVE and I’m handling it manually.

We just had this happen and had to come up with a nasty solution of increasing player and camera height to something artificial – just for Vive on UE4. It seems like this should be consistent across the engine.