Reset VR Position on OpenXR

Hi there, recently moved my project to 4.27 and chamged the plugin to work win recent OpenXR. I’ve Character with capsule root component instead the simple VR Pawn of the template, and haven’t found the way to rotate in right way (snap turn), always over the capsule, in the past solved it with Reset Orientation and Position function, but looks like is not available already for OpenXR (like no response). Any idea if will work again or gonna be new one valid for OpenXR? or how to solve the snap rotation over the camera

Is your HMD calibrated correctly? It sounds like the software is working as intended, but your HMD has an offset origin point. This should be solved in SteamVR, WMR Home or Oculus Home outside of UE4.

Yeah I understand, but is normal a player loose de VR origin so for example if you walk naturally inside the guardian/chaperone you can turn over current camera location. If you create default template for VR there is the example for turn snap. But if converted to character (with collision capsule like root + other components) doesn’t response as well. I’m trying to modify the blueprint for my case, suppose need calcs for final actor location and rotation offset. Before was easier just calling Reset Orientation and Position function like commented, camera set current location to VR Origin

OK I get it, first of all added world offset to the capsule to the camera world location, then scene component is parented the camera set like the capsule world location (for both be at same position).
Then add relative rotation to the scene component (parent of the camera)
And finally add worldoffset to parent scene component taking the difference between capsule component getworldlocation and camera getworldlocation