Reset tracking camera Ar


First sorry to my English

It s possible to reset the tracking position of camera with Ar core ?

I explain

When i move in space, that’s my camera of my Bp Pawn who move. Sometimes, that’s the Bp pawn who move and rotate if i want note move at all.

So when i move in space the camera is not in 0,0,0 relative coordiate of in the Bp Pawn. To replace my camera i need to “pause ar sessions” set relative position in 0,0,0 then start arcore session.
But when i start arcore session the camera go to my position in real space, it not stay in my pawn. Because, in my mind the tracking position need to recalibrate.

I no see in unreal engine the blueprint “reset tracking”

Someone can help me ?


i just understand something, that’s possible to unpin the camera, move the camera with blueprint and pin the camera after move ?

Or not pin the camera in ar. Like that when i move the camera with blueprint like a set world location, the camera stay where i decide.

Because now on one frame it move but it go back where i am in the real world.

Hi understand more how i can fix my problem.

That s possible to set location origin or set TransforOrigin of Ar Session Config ?