"Reset Orientation and Position" doesn't work in Build

Howdy folks,
I have a weird issue in 4.21 where “Reset Orientation and Position” doesn’t work in my packaged build. In VR Preview it works fine.
I’ve tried calling it from level blue print (on Event Begin Play), and from inside the Motion Controller Pawn (in an Event Tick with a Do Once) and neither worked :frowning:

I used it extensively in my last project which used 4.18 and don’t recall it giving me issues.
Using a Vive.

Any thoughts?

Found a workaround : I put it after a delay node with a value of 0.1 s and now it seems to be working. I guess it didn’t like being called so soon after begin play (maybe the pawn is not done spawning or something) even though I placed it after all the BP nodes relating to vr pawn setup.