Reset frozen rift screen

Sometimes, it’s necessary to press alt+enter twice to fix the rift screen freezing after changing certain settings (such as hmd sp). When doing so (regardless of whether or not a setting was changed), the resolution changes to my native monitor’s resolution.

Alt+enter x2
r.SetRes outputs “1920x1080f” before alt+enter x2.
It outputs “1366x768f” (my monitor’s native resolution) after.

Executing the command r.SetRes “1920x1080f” freezes the screen, but I can unfreeze it by typing “stereo off” followed by “stereo on.” However, despite r.SetRes then outputting the correct resolution, things are still obviously less sharp.

stereo on > stereo off
The stereo on/off commands seem to work better than a double alt+enter, but they’re also a massive pain to constantly do while tweaking settings.

So, anyone have a solution that doesn’t involve running the game in extended mode (which is worse than all of the above)?

The bug with HMD SP has been reported and is being actively worked on by. There are a lot of bug fixes for stereo mode coming soon in 4.5. Sorry I don’t have any workarounds at time.

Thanks for the response, is there any general idea of when 4.5 is coming out?


and the performance problem with mirror on?

perhaps its something with the SDK and must wait to the next sdk?