reset actor transform to level sequence first frame

Hi. I create some animation for flying platform in level sequence. Then i close sequencer editor and accidentally move and rescale my platform in viewport. Now platform transform in viewport and transform in first frame in sequence are different. When i open sequence editor, my platform instantly move to correct animation transform, when close the editor, platform is returning to wrong place.
How lock, or reset transfrom of my platfrom to first frame of level sequence? i cant comfortably work with this issue.

The Sequencer UI caches the state of objects as they currently are when it goes to evaluate that property, and then restores them at the end.

It is likely that you will need to figure out which properties have been changed (such as position or scale) and look at their values when you have Sequencer open, then close sequencer and apply those values to the instance in the level. The next time you open Sequencer, they should not change.