Required approx. VRAM to change material of landscape.

Hello, a bit of a lost here and looking for help.

I am on 4.25 with RTX2080TI and 32GB ram.

I am trying to use the 4K Quixel materials on my landscape and the project crashes when I drag and drop the material to the landscape due to insufficient VRAM in GPU. When I check the VRAM usage via Task Manager I see it usually waves around 8.5/11 GB. And even when I brought it down to 7 by deleting some meshes and light, it still does crash.

And the weird thing is that, when I create a new empty map/level with a basic light and landscape the VRAM is at the same and it shows a static 7.8 but still I can change the material of the landscape in a second.

I wonder what am I missing here? How much of a VRAM is required to change the material of a landscape really?

And lastly, is it such a bad idea to have two landscapes on the same level?


This does not make much sense as my RTX2060 doesnt even break 3gb usage with 25 1000*1000 landscapes onscreen. There must be some sort of unrelated issue on your side.

Hello, thanks for the reply.

Weird, I believe is Task Manager then is a good source to check it?

In a very large project, when I click create a new map with simply a plane it still is around 7.8/11 GB for me.